Health of community of Autism

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the freda fighters:

I would like to say big thank you Sara and Liam who runs a great group on Facebook for people with autism because she very valuable  to the community has a whole, a place where we can feel safe and also parents can ask questions and gives then insight to autism too.

I have also want to point out to you that people who are different and unique don't need any more cuts to services because your causing isolated in most cases and your stop us live independent too and for full living lives.

I have a got a idea which want to share with you online.

People need to get their head autism in modern day healthcare because we do want to be treated with respect and dignity shown to us. We don't want to be shouted at because we are asking questions how we have to wait. I can suggest to the world that quiet space were sensory input would appreciate.

There should be extra module for nurses and doctors and consultants have more training aroun…

Happy new year to all the freda fighters out there

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and new year celebrations.

This time last year i was doing autism understanding course with mersey care nhs trust. Everyone has to right to education young or old.

We need to get this petition circulated and something very passion about young man age 13 lives his mum and schools ex-spell him for being autistic and not understanding his needs and Kevin healney has set it up you find able petition.

Freda is not happy with it because she feels that dignity and respect and being unfair.

I do feel that nature is very important world wide and we stop putting plastic and spoiling our environment and litter around our cities and out in countryside.

Our nhs they are doing there best to look after us and winter flu that is going around and they way to look it we need extra funding for nurses and doctors and government are not to listening.

Hospital signs need to be improved and ward signs too and colour way system then people would know which i…


Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all

Freda in healthcare and hosptials.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen of the world. Everyone is included regardless of race and sex and disability.

Aintree Hospital:

I recently had an experience of going to aintree hospital. I had noticed the signs where the same and their was map to small for people with sights problems or dyslexia it was not clear where the clinics were and think it should be blown up for people to read used a colour code your picture next to it so people with autism and learning disability could understand. I like the improved where no smell of hosptial using the smell of coffee to patients to buy it.

I like the way decor has pictures on the wall and it is fast improved and you trying to patients are eased it is working it yours signs on the corridors are too small and when their information on the handout look at big text so the patient can read it.

Clinic F was the Early stages of Arthritis.

The staff are amazing the reasonable adjustments were made for me having autism and had notice they had a board …

Freda is not happy bunny this month

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my freda fighters blog

I was very angry the way a college in Nothfolk was were auistic young man was dealt with over starting a course they blame on it on the adminstration error. That is unacceptable that is unfair on him and feel freda would not be very happy on this score.
I just one put it out there being different is ok and you have human rights too and we are not second class citzerns in society. We deserve the paid has everyone else not because our disability.

Wheelchair access where people take the place a were a person with wheelchair sits and makes me angry have seen this happen our roads and pavements need to lower,and give buses a lower to so a person can off safety and feel also disabled person and elder seats should be extened for first 6 rows back and make the signs bigger.

Hosptials signs and Gp Surgies need to look at the signal because not clear and still white backgrounds and make then bigger so people. Disabled people shouldn't …

Freda and understanding

Welcome lady and gentleman who read my blog.

I have a new physio and know that score then by Freda system it is my way to see if they get it right f






All buildings should have wheelchair access for those who need it and also a disabled toilet. Adults shouldn't be change on the floor and that is totally unfair on that person.

I also would love to see better cities accommodate people with auitsm and have noise free areas would be a good idea areas that have sensory gardens around cities and have areas were in the
Waiting areas with natural sounds playing.

I came across a nurse who was unsure about autism because don't think she has come across it and took my blood. I was very anxious and nervous and huge panic attack.

Freda listening to the world

Welcome to my readers

Here in the U.K we have a fund call independent living fund which the uk government and we are feeling cuts due to that. In the USA they have a similar fund Medicare that the government wants to take a away from people with disabilities if you read my blog write to senator and stop this from happening being community.

I believe everyone has right to a education and people in power should respect everyone in this world.

In the U.K.goverment has let down the resident of tower that burn down three and miss there deadline  and feel angry and annoyed everyone human right is safe place to live.

A big shout to Steve hardy on face of his work around bill of rights of learning disabilities.

Thank you for reading