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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to month of march blog:

I have been spreading the word regarding learning disability and autism and have also been doing a short on it.

I find books written by Temple Grandin a source of nnformation because we see the world differently to other people on the earth plane. Because it comes from a place you can relate too. Their is another great source autism live is good for those you want to listen and watch.

I want to spread the word we are all unique and different and no one else tell us any other way. I sometimes feel like one odd out because no one will take me seriously. We stop cyber bullying and online trolls from doing this to us all a man on taxis is going through this right now. Kevs cabs you will find him on Facebook.

Let's family's reunited with their love ones and stop locking then up because they have auitsm 7 days campaign.







We need more places that are autism friendly well done Aberdee…